Last week,I was requested to give a session to a dog that had epileptic attacks. He had epileptic fits five times in ten days.

He is already 13 years old. He dislike other peaple and dogs, and expresses it by excessively barking. He had no appetite, and did not drink water. The hinder legs were not able to stand up easily.
So his owner took him to the hospital,but he kept barking while he was administered an intravenous. And he had a fit again at the hospital.

The owner told me "We would like to teach us how to give massage to his hinder legs to stand up again."
But I told them,it is most important now that he can be relaxed letting know he won't suffer a seizure again. And TTouch is very effective for him and yours.

If I go to his house, he might get excited and bark. So I decided to go to owner's office with Hime. Because I wanted to let them know that dog's skin would moves very well with TTouch and the feeling. Dalmesian's coat is suit to know.

The office is first visiting for Hime,so she didn't look calm at first, but she lay down on the floor when I started TTouch to her. The owners touched Hime and tried TTouch to her. They seemde to feel that TTouch is difficult. Especially, to touch without putting power to their fingers.

During the session, Hime was calm and allowed their touches. They looked at her and told me,"We will try to TTouch to my dog. we'll relax my dog like Hime."

After the session, of course I said a reward to her. "Thank you for your help"







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