On the second Sunday June, there was a fun match sponsored by AURA at Dog Resort Woof.
This fun match invited Masako Nagamura, and Osaaki Nishida to judge. Both are the pioneers in JAPAN of K-9 freestyle, and active service's players.
I wanted to get their comments and advice.

Kira was full of motivation. But we were luck of practice, because he had to fast and his physical condition was bad until the day before.

` Mom gives me lots of treats when I act to the last!'

I'm not sure what he thought. But he looked so.
His movement was not good enough to go into detail and made mistakes overall. However, I was glad of his guts who still tried to move energetically, although he was exhausted.

The judges gave me score sheets.
・There were many changed positions. The dog's motivation was very high and his concentration was good!
・It was excellent thet Kira backed alone.
・Kira followed the handler.
・The handler's direction was too late overall.
・The handler had to act more like a toy.

I have to make every effort to improve my choreography more and more!
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