Usually I make meals for human,dogs and cats. Basically my companion animals eat the raw meat and the bone.They are beef,pork,chiken,ram and fishes.

Ten days ago, Kira vomited gastric juice many times.
That mede me remember that I gave him raw meat and spine bone for sheep the before night.
I though that his gut might be blocked.

Next morning, I took him to the hospital at 7. The veterinarian took X rays of his stomach. Sheep's bone was found in the stomach.
The veterinarian told me "We'll try to remove it with the endoscopeafter administering an anesthetics to Kira.If we can't make it, we'll need to give him an abdomonal operation." He was out of consciousness for three hours after being administered an anesthetic.

Fortunately, the bone in his stomach was able to be taken out with the endoscope. However, his stomach, gullet, and duodenum were damaged with the bone, and the ulcers were made.
He had to fast to make his guts rest for three days.

Four days ago, Kira and I enterd a two-day competition JAPAN GP. The next day I did not take a walk for rest. Kira looked very tired. And the next day I gave him raw meat and bone as a meal.
I think he was not able to secrete an enough digestive juice for tiredness.
When the bone is given, close attention is necessary.
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