Two dogs and two cats in my home, they have good relations.

One and a half years ago, two kittens joined my family. At first I let them do to what they liked. Then, I found that Hime and Kira kept standing in front of the cage where the kittens are and they kept seeing the kittens like hunter's glance with swinging their tails during 3 to 4 hours. Kittens were frightened.

I thought it will be a problem.

So after 3 days, I tried to approach them with Ttouch. When I started using Ttouch, it was Lady that accepted it most from the beginning.

Lady was my dog. She was a dalmatian that died at the age of 16 last summer. When kittens were joined us, she was 15 years old.

I tried Ttouch to Lady in the room where Lady and the kittenswere. Kittens were out of the cage and drown close to Lady when Lady began to relax. Because it was a cold season in November, it might have been great.

Afterwards, I installed time to touch Hime and Kira to the kitten as much as Lady with Ttouch.

The session of one time was shortened for 15 minutes. I did it about five times a day.
The problem was solved on 3 days.

The problem was solved on 3 days.

Hime,Kira and Momiji

There is no another cat in this photograph, and he is a friend with dogs.

Momiji helps the grooming of loved Kira.


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