Now Kira isn't in normal condition. He can't run with all his strength. His right back leg has problem. Three days ago, I found his back leg couldn't touch the land. So I tried to rest him during three days, and today I practiced obedience position . I threw a ball in reward. Kira ran gladly. But his right leg was wrong.

So I brought him to animal hospital. We were waiting to be called at a waiting room, a woman came to hospital with her two cats in the cart. The place was filled with her smell. My nose felt pain. I was at aloss whether to go outside or not. Because I knew such a smell was bad to Kira. But the hospital was not crowded, I thougt we were called soon.

She started to talk with sitting side by side. Her talking was audeible. She often comes to hospital for laser treatment to her senior cat. And recently her another two cats died by a lymphoma.

While I was sorry her talking about, I thought, was her smell problem for cats?

The dogs have delicate nose. So the owners have to be careful about perfume or aroma oil,and smorking. The cats don't have delicate nose such dogs, but the human have to be careful about smell than dogs. Because the cat's liver doesn't have detoxification function. The cats have a grooming habit, so they often take in a toxic substance. And take in by their expiration.
Maybe the cat's condition will become to bad a few at a time.

I don't know the cause with her cats illness, and I don't have to say about her lifestyle. But I hope if the person come to animal hospital, please no perfume.

Kira didn't have a problem with his bones. The vet said to me, `a ligament or a tendon be hurted. Let take to rest.'
Well, it's settled for the time being!
I think, maybe Kira hurted his leg at playing with Shunkun.

Don't blame me!
綺羅は今 本調子でない。後ろの右足に問題があって 力いっぱい走ることができないのだ。3日前、地面に足がついていないことに気付いた。3日間 動かさないようにし、今日 オビのポジション練習でご褒美にボールを投げてみた。綺羅は嬉しそうに走ったけれど、右足がおかしい。

病院に連れて行った。待合室で待っていると、一人の女性が二匹の猫をカートに乗せてやってきた。待合室は彼女の匂いで充満し、私の鼻は痛いほど。犬の鼻にとってこうした強い匂いはよくないので、戸外に綺羅を連れて出ようかどうか迷ったけれど、病院が混んでいなかったので すぐに呼ばれるだろうと思った。

彼女は隣に座っていた人と話し始め、彼女の話は耳に入った。シニア猫のレーザー治療のために 頻繁に病院に来ているらしい。最近、彼女は他の2匹の猫を亡くしたという。


犬達は繊細な鼻を持っている。なので飼い主は 香水やアロマオイル、喫煙などには注意しなければいけない。猫は犬ほど繊細な鼻は持っていないけれど、匂いに関して犬よりも注意する必要がある。猫の肝臓は解毒機能を持たないからだ。グルーミングの習性を持つ猫は しばしば有害物質を体内に取り込んでしまうのだ。そして呼気からも。
おそらくそうして 猫の体調は少しずつ悪くなっていくだろう。

彼女の猫の疾患の原因を私は知らないし、他人のライフスタイルについて口を挟むべきでもない。だけど 病院に来る時は香水をつけてこないでほしいな。

綺羅の骨には異常なかった。担当医は 靭帯か腱を痛めているのだろうから 安静にしてください、と言ってた。

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