On the second competition day,we entered AG semifinal.

If the team can runs this game without making a mistake,it is possible to proceed to the final game.

I became unpleasant because I was nervous before ran.
Kira captured the semifinal course.I was very glad about it, and satisfied. we got the right to move into the final game.

Semifinal Qualified 6th place

Actually, we have succeeded only two times in capturing AG3. It was very lucky for us that we were able to challenge the fainal game. 13 teams were able to advance to it. It was presented to me from Kira. So, I decided that I would enjoyed the running.
I made a mistake in its standing position at first,and Kira rode the A frame. So,we were disqualified. But, it was no problem. we enjoyed the running. It was so wonderful.And I was proud of my Kira.
His motivation and love to me of him.

I praised by the many unknown peaple.

Final Non Qualified

The competition at this season by sponsoring OPDES ended.Next season will start in September.
I think working hard at the practice of an honest basic during summer.
And, it is thought that forging handler's mental in above all is necessary.
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