On December 18th, I entered agility competition with Kira. It was very cold day in the morning, and had a heavy frost. The land was freezed. But very sunny day. My face got sunburnt a little.

It was second time that I made an attempt to set JP3 at OPDES. I wanted to made perfect running. The land changed slushy with melting frost. So many handlers slipped and fell.

My handling was bad and too late all through the course. I was interfering Kira, because I didn't have innner reserves. But Kira helped Mom and well done!

JP3 Perfect Run 2nd place

It was cold at our running in the evening. At the wait our turn, Kira trembled all over with cold and excitement.
I couldn't chase Kira's speed world. So I lose my presence of mind and the course for a moment.
I found some problems our skill. I am not good at back switch, so I often use front switch and air plane. But front switch dosen't suit at such a course. I have to practice tightly back switch. kira didn't know highly tire, so he bumped the tire.
Top time was 39'30. Kira's time was 43'29. We'll try to shave 2 seconds off!
And and I have to get sence of speed!!!

AG3 Perect Run 6th place


JP3 2席

コース全体を通して 私のハンドリングは遅いし雑。気持ちに余裕がなくて 綺羅の邪魔をしている。でも綺羅は母を助けて よくやっている。

AG3 6席
私達が走る時には夕方になり 寒かった。走行を待つ間、綺羅は寒さと興奮で震えていた。
綺羅のスピードの世界についていけない。焦ってしまい 瞬間 コースを忘れてしまった。
トップタイムは39秒30で、綺羅のタイムは43秒29。2秒縮めるべく 頑張ってみよう!
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