Kira had recovered completely. I'm very glad and settled for the time being.

He had a gastrointestinal disorder of his intestinal passage. On December 2th and 4th, he got on board a plane. Maybe it was an occasion. The noise, a shock of landing, anxiety, fear, etc

On December 4th we arrived at my home in midnight. Next day Kira's diarrhea changed blood in his stool. And He vomited blood. He looked became less energetic. I stopped his meal and gave soup. But he had diarrhea at all. 3 days after, he tried to stand up but he couldn't walk. He sit with his back hunched up.
Next morning I brought him to hospital and he had an X-ray examination.

The vet said to me, 'There is a big shadow. Maybe it is stool that can't passage. Because Kira was shocked by many stress and exhaustion. So he had pain at his abdomen and back, and he felt an oppressive sensation. But he can barely discharge, because it's not blockade. We don't want an operation now. Let's wait a little longer and see to use some medicine.'

I gave some medicine for 3 days. Kira had been less energetic and his diarrhea. 3 days after I brought Kira to hospital again. And be taken roentgenography. There was not shadow!

Kira ate usural meal.
Today we started to train about positions. Kira looked enjoing it!


綺羅りん 全快しました。とっても嬉しく、一安心。

彼は腸管の通過障害だった。12月2日と4日に飛行機に乗ったのだが、たぶん それが原因。騒音、着陸の衝撃、不安、恐怖、etc・・・

12月4日の深夜に帰宅。翌日には綺羅の下痢は血便に変わった。そして血液を吐く。元気がなく見えた。彼の食事を与えることを止め、スープだけにしたが、ずっと下痢のままだった。3日後には立とうとするが 歩けなくなった。背中を丸めて座りこんでしまうのだ。


3日分の薬をもらった。綺羅の下痢を続いたし 元気もなかった。3日後、再び 病院へ。レントゲンには もう影はなかった!

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