On December 3th and 4th I went to Fukuoka to enter the OPDES Agility Competition with Kira. I reconciled myself to go by my driving, because it's so far to Fukuoka from Yokohama. So I left Hime and Shunkun with my friend who manage a dog trimming salon in departure morning.
Hime looked knowing why she was left unknown place. Of course Shunkun didn't know anything, and he looked so happy because many border collie in salon.

It was the first experience to board an airplane for Kira. He has a delicate sensibillity, so I was irresolute. But I decided to enter because he is already 5 age that he will not be able to run so fast the year after next.
At the airport Kira looked so nervous. After 3 hours I met again at Fukuoka airport, his cage was flooded by his slobber and his body was shudder.
We arrived a hotel, Kira was fast asleep.

December 3th
It was rainy, windy and cold day.
Kira had diarrhea, maybe stress.

Steeple Chase 1st place
I couldn't run fast that my knees couldn't rise up by cold. Kira's motivation was high, and well done. My handling was not so bad, but my body turning was late a little bit after the double bars.

AG3 1st place
At an inspection I was irresolute which direct to Kira for turning a bar after the seasaw. I commanded to turn right, but Kira landed left point. Because I didn't make a line to turn right, I was late to leadout point at the seasaw.
Other teams couldn't clear the course, we could get 1st place.

When we were waiting the order, Kira looked at other running dogs in a link. He had excitement a little and coolly. I was very very glad that he got confidence and mental growth.

12月3日・4日にオプデス主催のアジコンペに参加するために福岡に。横浜から福岡はとても遠いので、車で行くかどうか迷った。ヒメと駿薫は出発の朝に トリミングサロンを経営する知人に預けることにした。
ヒメは 自分が何故知らない場所に置いていかれるのか分かっていたように見えた。もちろん駿薫は何も分かっていず、サロンに多くのボーダーコリーがいたのが嬉しそうだった。

空港で綺羅は緊張しているように見えた。3時間後、福岡空港で再会した時は ケージは涎でびしょびしょだし、身体は恐怖でぶるぶる震えていた。

雨で風も強く 寒い1日。

スティープルチェイス 1席

AG3 1席
検分の時、シーソーの後のバーを 左に回すか右に回すか迷った。右のコマンドをかけたけれど、綺羅は左に着地。シーソー直後のリードアウトが遅かったせいで 綺羅の走行ラインを作れなかったせいだ。
他にコースを攻略できたチームがいなかったため 1席。棚ボタだ。


December 4th

It was sunny, but cold day.
Kira's diarrhea changed too bad like water.

Steeple Chase 1st place
After running I was scolded from my coach. I commanded correctly, but my body language was too sloopy. I had to reflect on.
At before the second A flame I didn't make fake. And after the second A flame I commanded 'out', but my body turning point was too early. After the soft tunnnel, after the long jump, etc・・・

AG3 2nd place
I made some mistake and I couldn't move some places.

I and Kira went to meet Hime and Shunkun at the salon from Haneda airport. When we arrived at my home, Kira drank the water and vomited.
The next day Kira had blood in his stool. The stress and air transportation are source of it.


スティープル チェイス 1席

AG3 2席

自宅に着くと 綺羅は水を飲み 吐いた。
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