Hime has been an allergy her skin since this March. I don't know cause. She rubbed her chin to the cloth of sofacover and a carpet. Her insaide skin looks reddish.

I brought her to an animal hospital. The vet recommended a medicinal use shampoo. I put this shampoo to Hime's skin, and we wait 10 minutes. I wash her coat, I put the shanpoo and wait again. I do this work twice or three times a week. This medicinal use shampoo is quite effective for Hime.

Today I washed Hime. I brought Kira and Shunkun to the bathroom, too. After the shampoo three dogs are in a bathtub. Shunkun's tall is low, hot water is not full.


ヒメちゃんは 今年の3月頃から皮膚アレルギーがある。原因は分からない。ソファカバーやカーペットなどの布地に顎を擦りつける。内側の皮膚は赤味を帯びて見える。


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