Last Saturday I participated in the agility competition with Kira. A rainy season had begun since the previous day. But fortunately, the ground was not sandy soil, so not like a pool.

It seemed the course was not so difficult.I got some adovice from my coach.
Kira ran tightly,and came in 6th place.

perfect ran 6th place

I was anxious that AG equipments shuoud be slippery.So when Kira rode the seesaw,I was beside of him on the edge of seesaw. And I lost the timing when I turned my body . It was too late.So,it lost sight of the position in which I was standing in the course.He was made to jump on the wrong bar.


Kira had a very good tention.I was unbearably mortified. I am still angry at myself though two days have passed.
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