I go to the animal hospital every morning and evening to meet Min. I bring Min's meal.

Min has been given injection anti epileptic twice a day. So she has no an epileptic fit in the hospital. But the effect is too much for Min. The injection made Min to loss of strength. She can open her eyes and tried to come near me. But she can't stand.

She got the tinned chicken meal the 3rd day of hospitalization. But she didn't like chicken. She likes grilled fish, but the hospital can't serve the fish. So I decided to bring grilled fish every day.

The 4th day she could eat meal and made up to me.

The 5th day it started to give oral medecine to Min and less the injection. If we will be able to contorol by oral medeicine, I will be able to bring her to my home!
I hope it become torestore her condition day by day.




4日目 ミンは食事を食べることも出来、私に甘えていた。

5日目 注射の抗てんかん剤の量を減らし、経口薬を与え始めた。もし 経口でてんかん発作をコントロールできれば、家に連れて帰るとこができる。日に日に体調が回復することを願っている。
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