Last week Min came back to my home.

Min is a female cat. 17 years ago,I met her at an animal hospital when I brough Lady that then was a puppy. She was a kitten that was put in a cage on the floor, and almost all dogs coming to the hospital looked into the cage. I felt sorry for her. So, I decided to make her join my family, but their relations were bad.

Four years ago I entrusted her to my mother, because I participated in a TTouch camp in Nasu foe six days.
On sixth day, my mother could touch Min the first time. It was very hard for Min to becomes accustomed to new surroundings. But because it had already been decided that I participate in the TTouch camp again three months later, we decided to keep her in my mother's. And after three months, my mother told me that she would accept Min as a family member.

Four years have past. Min has aged and so has my mother. Min often became to fail in pees. And it was painful for my mother who had to clean it up.
My mother told me that she was in trouble about Min.

So I brough Min to my house.
My dogs and cats look accepting Min.
I want her to live without uneasiness.






犬達も猫達も ミンの様子を見守って受け入れているように見える。
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