The K-9 Freestyle was demonstrated at Dogresort Woof at Lake Yamanaka for two days (yesterday and today). I parpecipated in it with my dog Kira both days.

Yesterday's Kira's tension seemed to be better. He seemed to be tired because his movement was slow today. I think because it demonstrated yesterday,too, and it stayed in nearby facilities that probably gave him a different quality of sleep from usual.

But, I think that I got an amazing experience for Kira that he is not good at an indoor environment. He is not good at acting by spaciousness. Especially, in front of the stranger peaple. Though it doesn't understand it is because it is because of the echo of the sound or the handler's tension is transmitted.
He made some mistakes He from my instruction.But, he looked fun and his concentration was kept. I am very sutisfied.We have a chance that we can do the performance in the presence of others next month. We need to practice more and more!

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