Yseterday Min could leave animal hospital.
Her phisycal dondition is not bad. She can eat and drink. The discharge dosen't have problem. However it is not easy to stand up with firm still, I am so happy she didn't have a fit. Min needs to get anti epilepsy medicine once a day.

Min's cage was in my bedroom. But it is need to be checked her apperance. So I moved her cage to Japanese classic room on the first floor. It is next to Shun's cage.
If I leave that room, Shun is very very noisy. But it seems to her that it is not worrisome.

It is cold today, I started to use fan heater.
In the room is comfatable, all my pets are sleeping now.
Hime is in front of the heater, Shun is in his cage, Kira is next to me right side, Min is on my lap, Momiji and Kaede are next to me left side.
It is quiet and happy time. I want someone to take a picture this situation in a photograph.




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